Why I Love Easter

by Music Pastor, Nathan Bouren

Most people have a reason for liking the Easter Season. The reasons are varied based on lifestyle, tradition or circumstances.

For me, Easter is a CELEBRATION. A celebration of Spring, new life and, most importantly, the risen Savior!

Music at Easter tells a story. Our Easter choir presentation this year is titled, Amazing Love. We start out joyfully singing Christ the Lord is Risen Today followed by some familiar Easter songs. Then the finale is In This Tomb.

In This Tomb was written by John W. Peterson and is one of my all time favorite songs to sing at Easter. Look at the words and see the joy expressed:

Verse 1. In this tomb was Jesus lying. Friends had watched His pain and dying.
But there are no tears or crying. Christ is risen from the dead.

Verse 2. In this tomb that lacks for weeping. Vain the vigil guards were keeping.
On the floor there’s no one sleeping. Christ is risen from the dead.

Verse 3. In this tomb was death unseated. Sin and satan were defeated.
Man’s redemption was completed. Christ is risen from the dead.

Verse 4. In this tomb where millions gazing. Now their hopes to heaven raising.
Feel the joy and join the praising. Christ is risen from the dead!

And because of the empty tomb – Jesus made possible eternal life. What a blessed thought.