A Blessed Marriage Conference

by Pastor Ken

I wrote a blog earlier about why I encourage couples to attend marriage conferences.  Kinney Avenue hosted a 3 to 1 Marriage Conference this past weekend on April 28-29. Twenty-four engaged and long-time married couples spent time dining, laughing, listening to testimonies, learning, and praying together. It was a tremendous event that far exceeded my plans for the conference. I am confident that the couples who invested the time on their marriage would agree a conference weekend such has many benefits:

  1. It is a very important way to honor and esteem the Lord God by presenting marriage for His care and encouragement.
  2. Every Christian marriage is a presentation to the world of what God can do in joining two unique people together into one couple, with Him as the Centerpiece (i.e., 3 to 1 Marriage)!
  3. Every marriage can grow from being a good marriage to being a better marriage — or even a great marriage!
  4. Our concern about our marriage and our willingness to attend a conference is a great way to invite other couples to attend to such a conference.
  5. Our culture needs to see and examine what a true Christian marriage and home is like.
  6. It is a great way to join with other couples in celebrating marriage life and building community.
  7. The potential for a positive impact on a couple’s life, marriage, home and relationships as God brings a freshness into daily life is incalculable.

If you or someone you know has an opportunity to attend or support a couple to participate in a marriage conference, I encourage you to go and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunity.