Dr. Ken Baldwin - Senior Pastor


Dr. Ken BaldwinKen Baldwin is a native Texan who grew up in central Texas. He came to experience a new relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of nine. The strong influence of godly parents and the experience of a loving church family helped shape his life then as it does now. Ken graduated from Taylor High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree with a pre-medical major in 1971 from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University). He received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Ken has been preaching since 1972 and has pastored churches in various Texas cities. He has also preached in revivals and conferences all across Texas, in other states, and has done mission work in Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Belarus, Russia, and Israel. 

In January 2005, Ken moved from a church staff position that he had held for nearly 15 years to launch and pastor a new mission church called Discovery Christian Fellowship. With the many wonderful people that prayed, gave, and worked alongside him, the church followed God’s leading to a new location in June 2007 when it joined some faithful members in south-central Austin at Kinney Avenue. Together, they joyfully agreed to rename the new work Kinney Avenue Christian Fellowship. 
Ken and Terry BaldwinKen shares life with his wife, Terry, who is an outstanding Christian, mother, leader in the church, and speaker at numerous women's conferences. They have four wonderful adult children: Calesse, Charlie, Katie and Brad. They also have three very cute dogs!
Ken loves serving as pastor of Kinney Avenue Christian Fellowship and sharing, along with Terry, all the wonderful relationships with the greatest people on the planet. Ken explains his heartbeat for serving as pastor at Kinney Avenue:
Being raised in the home of two very Christ-like parents was both a joy and a springboard for life. I was always encouraged to trust the Lord and pursue the life He gives me with passion. It was easy to see that same gift in my parents. It was by God’s choice and not chance that I discovered His call and purpose in lifetime ministry.

I love my wife and family...and that includes my God-given family at Kinney Avenue. What excites me about the “job’ I have is that it has never felt like work. There is no boredom in ministry challenges, yes! I am thankful that God has kept me focused and enthusiastic about the everyday possibilities and conversations that center on the Lord Jesus. He has placed me in a community of people that love Him, each other, and even me!

My life verse is John 15:16:  “You did not choose me, but I chose you and have set you apart to accomplish what I called you to be and do.”